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LB500-LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant

LB500-LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant
  • Type: LB500-LB1500
  • Rated production: 40-120(t/h)
  • Hot Aggregate Bin: 12-26(t)
  • General Installed Power: 190-320(kw)
  • Brand Name : YUJIE
Specifications & Technical Data

Introduction of LB500-LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant

1. Ideal equipment for construction and maintenance of high-ways.

2.The filling rate is no more than 60% making bitumen, aggregates and powder well stirred.

3.The mixing scaleboard and blade use wear-resistant alloy cast iron and its mixing shaft adopts alloy cast steel.

4.The measuring device use Medianero weighing module which equipped with high precision and reliability resistance type strain sensors.

5.The control system using Siemens programming controller can carry on the automatic and manual control for the charging weighing, mixing, discharging and so on.

6.The dust collecting system adopts the combination of gravity dust collection and water dust collection or the combination of gravity dust collection and bag dust collection, dust emission is less than 50 mg/Nm.

Type LB500 LB750 LB1000 LB1500
Rated production 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h 120t/h
Cold Aggregate Bin 4×6m3 4×6m3 4×9m3 4×9m3
Dry Cylinder 1.1m×4.2m 1.3m×5m 1.5m×6m 1.8m×7m
Bag-type Dust-collector CNM156 CNM240 CNM357 CNM476
Emission Standard 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3
Vibrating Screen 4 layers 4 layers 4 layers 4 layers
Hot Aggregate Bin 12t 12t 26t 26t
Mixing Kettle Capacity 500kg 750kg 1000kg 1500kg
Mixing Cycle 45s 45s 45s 45s
Mineral Powder Tank Volume 30t 30t 26+36t 26+36t
Asphalt Tank Volume 30000L 30000L 50000L 50000L
Heat Conduction Oil Stove 200,000 kcol/h 200,000 kcol/h 300,000 kcol/h 300,000 kcol/h
End-product Container Volume 50t 50t 90t 90t
Control System Manual /Semi-auto / Automatic
Weighing Accuracy Aggregate ≤±0.4% ≤±0.4% ≤±0.4% ≤±0.4%
  Powder Material ≤±0.3% ≤±0.3% ≤±0.3% ≤±0.3%
  Asphalt ≤±0.2% ≤±0.2% ≤±0.2% ≤±0.2%
General Installed Power 190kw 210kw 230kw 320kw

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