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QT10-18 Cement brick making machine

QT10-18 Cement brick making machine
  • Model:: QT10-18
  • Voltage:: 220V/380V
  • General Power:: 3.8kw
  • Dimension(L*W*H):: 900*450*24mm
  • Capacity:: 18 blocks per 10 seconds
Specifications & Technical Data
QT10-18 Cement brick making machine
1.Production:18 blocks/10 seconds
2.Pallet Size:1100*850*35mm
Brick machine is divided into: vacuum brick machine and baking-free brick machine two broad categories. Tile is made of the former is the use of soil to, need a lot of ground to do, the more waste of resources, the latter is used, waste of coal gangue, shale, limestone, fly ash, slag, slag, gravel, sand, etc, and not through the firing process, more environmental protection and saving resources, the state vigorously promoted.
Vacuum brick machine production of brick is clay as the main raw material, its production process is simple, but for the destruction of the cultivated land is more serious. In recent years, countries have policies banning the production and use of clay brick, push forward the recycling of solid waste. And fly ash as the main raw material, gypsum, lime as the main cement brick products gradually replace the traditional clay brick.
Vacuum brick tile machine production process: the clay with clay mixer for mixing, with some sand, and the stone powder, mixing proportion, after the conveyor belt, conveying to the vacuum brick machine, after vacuum brick machine vacuum pressure extrusion, molding adobe, adobe after coming out, after a lathe to machine, cut into uniform adobe, then after setting machine automatic grab, put in kiln car, used in furnaces.
Brick of fly ash bricks machine production process: the quick lime with jaw crusher for crushing - access to the grinding machine for grinding, mix with other ingredients, access to the digestive capsule for digestion - access to the wheel mill for grinding wheel - by hydraulic brick machine pressure molding, access to the autoclaved kettle for autoclaved curing - air basks in ten days or so - finished products.

QT10-18 hydraulic block making machine main technical parameters

Parameter Name

Parameter values

The largest machine dimensions


Rated pressure of hydraulic system


Main vibration form

All vibration molded desk

Vibration frequency


Vibration acceleration


To adapt to the high brick


Pallet size







Molding cycle

15-18 seconds 20-23 seconds to be added fabrics


When production

Standard block


57,600 Pieces/ 8 hours

Feeder capacity

Effective storage volume of 0.45m3 hopper


Effective volume of 0.15m3 car charging

Machine power


Machine weight


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