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SC series of construction elevator

SC series of construction elevator
  • Model: SC100-SC200
  • Rated capacity: 1000-4000kg
  • Rated lifting speed: 36m/min
  • Max.lifting height: 200m
  • Brand Name : YUJIE
Specifications & Technical Data

SC series of construction elevator main features

1.Equipped with ideal falling preventing device and speed limiter which can avoid the suspension cage falling overspeedly, thus the suspension

cage falling incident can be eradicated;

2. Mechnical interlocking device ensures people and cargo getting in and out of the suspension cage safely;

3.Performance of transmission system is stable, we have dual drive and three drive with different power;

4. Calling device is available, it can facilitate the operation;

5. Warning system is available, it can avoid safety accidents;

6. Superior quality steel is used which can ensure the quanlity and safety of the equipments;

7. Standard sections are welded by using robot which can ensure the stable structure and precise height.

Packaging & Shipping

According to the size of the machine you need, we have adopted the FCL and LCL packing, if you have special circumstances according to your requirements packaging responsible for operation, installation maintenance unit owes a duty of supervision and inspection of the daily maintenance content.

Item unit Model
SC100 SC100
SCD200 SCD200
Rated capacity kg 1000 2×1000 2000 2×2000
Number of people No. 12 2×12 16 2×16
Rated lifting speed m/min 36 36 36 36
Max.lifting height m 200 200 200 200
Motor power kw 2×11 2×2×11 2×11 2×2×11
Suspension coop inner size m 3×1.3×2.2 3×1.3×2.2 3×1.3×2.2 3×1.3×2.2
Weight of 650 standard section kg 124 148 131 165
Dimension of 650 standard section mm 650×650×1508 650×650×1508 650×650×1508 650×650×1508
counter weight kg     1000 1000
Suspender loading capacity kg 200 200 200 200
Dimension of 800 standard section mm 800×800×1508 800×800×1508 800×800×1508 800×800×1508

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