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Some safety recommendations on the ladder concrete mixer

As the ladder Concrete Mixer materials can rise to a certain height , so its use is very widespread , many users because of its appearance and function a little different from other blenders , mixers such protection methods and other types of mixer protection method is a little different , we briefly explain !
1 rise in the material , not someone ladder below , to avoid security incidents ;
(2) Non-staff or maintenance personnel, not the concrete mixer ladder ;
(3) Always check the daily use ladders, ladder rise if need be , we must pay attention to safety ;
4 When the end of the ladder -type concrete mixers work must clean up the mixing tube and check the agitator blades and mixing tube wall ;
5 hopper above a rope, be sure to check whether the rope is also solid, if rust should be timely treatment ;
6 at the top of the ladder there is a pulley, the pulley effect is very large , the user wants to protect pulleys, often replaced with new lubricants and cleaning ;
7 should always check ladders, avoid collisions and let the ladder ladder rust ;
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