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Dry mortar dry mix is one of the emerging field of building materials

Dry mortar dry mix (Mini Dry Mortar Mixing Line)is one of the emerging field of building materials, means manufacturers specializing in the production, mainly in the cement binder and a dry sieving process of fine aggregate, mineral admixtures, reinforcing materials and additives in certain mixing ratio of the mixture. 
Dry mortar from the European construction market fifties of last century's growing up, and now, in Germany, Austria, Finland and other countries, have dry mortar mortar as the main material, only Germany had an annual output of 100,000 tons more factories, more than 200 million people on average have a dry mortar manufacturer. Mixed mortar development is very rapid in Asia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and other places of dry plaster construction sector such as Hong Kong, more than three percent is dry mortar.
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