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What are dry mortar technology advantages?

Compared with the traditional craft, Dry Mortar Production Line technical advantages mainly in the following aspects: 
1, stable and excellent quality: the use of industrial production, raw materials, and can be compared with each component is strictly controlled in order to ensure the stability of the mortar quality and reliable. 
2, high efficiency, good construction performance: the use of large-scale commercial production, saving on-site mixing time, the performance also improved. Because of this approach produced superior workability of mortar, water retention, mobility, making construction more convenient, easier to control the quality of the project. 
3, variety, easy to use: a very wide range of products, can meet almost all of mortar construction purposes and according to the special requirements of the project, continue preparation of a new product to the mortar. Anytime, anywhere with the amount of supply, which saves material, but also to facilitate the construction.
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