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Preparatory work before starting concrete batching plant

Currently, many large-scale construction projects to be built in concrete mixing, but as a technology live, every detail needs very well, and finally to play a role in promoting the smooth progress of the project. Therefore, when put into use before the concrete mixing, must be comprehensive examination. So what should you do before you start it? Let's give you a brief introduction.

Fixed Concrete Mixing Plant starts before doing inspection work seven major aspects, one checker parts. Mainly to see parts of the fixed and stable part of the connection is not very strong, often those parts of the operation is not very flexible, there is no turning poor condition. Second, insist on the amount of fuel. The fuel tank is to ensure a sufficient amount of fuel occurs during operation to avoid the fuel shortage caused by unnecessary delay. Third is to uphold the oil. Mainly depends on two aspects, one is the oil there is no need to exclude the air, one is there is no leakage exists. Fourth, check the cooling water. This can easily be overlooked, but is actually very important. Enough to look at the water, there is no water leakage. Fifth, check the oil. Oil oil is not too high nor too low, any kind of situation should be solved in time. Six artificial lubrication is to check is to see whether to add a little oil. Seven checks debris, mainly to see around the machine and there is nothing above the debris, will not affect the operation of the machine, and so on.

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