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How to choose the best of the concrete mixer

In building construction , the machine choice is equally important. Only choose to suit their own mixer is that production efficiency is undoubtedly a multiplier ; Today we have concrete mixers , for example, tells you how to choose the best of the concrete mixer.

First, the choice of concrete mixers, we must be clear: choose good material does not just mean good , the price expensive. As the saying goes for their own is the best blender is no exception.

1, the difference between the mixer mixer for this kind of material , a variety of machine models , the choice to suit their own is undoubtedly a major problem. So when choosing mixer , we must first confirm that the material is the difference between the mixer , some dry powder , some liquid , there is the solid-liquid mixing , so just make sure the difference between the material , you can narrow the scope of application.

2 , followed by the speed of the mixer is to see the stirring speed mixer , mixing speed on the high natural productivity , slow agitation will naturally affect the progress of construction.

3, the difference between the mixer and the mixer is a mixer of any accessories will have the reach corners , commonly known as dead , so choose a small percentage of dead machines will greatly improve the production efficiency of their machines.

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