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How to prolong the service life of concrete mixer

Due to the aging material, process, parts and the impact of human factors, Concrete Mixer in use will inevitably appear all kinds of faults.But, if can correctly analyze the cause of the problem, take effective, targeted measures to prevent, as far as possible speed slow down the damage of the mechanical parts, can effectively prevent mechanical failure, prolong the service life.

About the maintenance of Concrete Mixing Plant, the first periodic table should be lubricated regularly by mixing plant maintenance manual regulation and lubrication on mixing plant and equipment parts.Always examine the mixer blade, lining board is loose, adjust the clearance between blade and lining board on a regular basis, and according to the condition of wear and tear, as appropriate, to replace.All the wire line should be properly protected to prevent crush or injured while working.Regularly check the open gear, the firmness of high-speed belt, in order to avoid sliding wear.

With the development of the design and manufacture of materials science and technology, the mixer device adopted many new technology, new material, new structure, make the mechanical equipment function more perfect at the same time as to minimize the rate of failure.But the equipment maintenance work is indispensable.

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