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Concrete mixer industry has began to "service-oriented manufacturing"


Under the background of information technology application is increasingly wide, Concrete Mixer, significant changes in all aspects of the mechanical manufacturing industry value chain technology and services has become an independent commodity form."Production" made the profit space is more and more squeezed, share in the process of manufacturing and service is more and more big.Made so, concrete mixer is from "manufacturing" to "service-oriented manufacturing".

In a service-oriented manufacturing rise today, an enterprise or the state could not have advantage on the whole value chain, and resources should be focused on the most competitive link, to grasp the industry value chain of strategic control points, and other aspects will be outsourced, to reduce costs, strengthen the core competitiveness.Obviously, from the production manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing, promotes the fusion of informatization and industrialization, is helpful to realize the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in our country.

Concrete mixer manufacturing informatization is the key link to promote the development of service-oriented manufacturing.Production manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing thanks to information technology is widely used in the field of manufacturing production and management, especially in information technology and manufacturing technology, enterprise management, product research and development design, production process flow and the mining sales channels and so on each link of the fusion, to promote the requirements and development of manufacturing enterprises in the service link.

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