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Maintenance matters of Concrete mixer truck

Concrete Mixing Truck  maintenance matters is introduced as follows:

1, preventive maintenance.From the point of view of prevention, before the failure occurs for the preventive maintenance and repair is called preventive maintenance.Preventive maintenance includes daily maintenance, equipment inspection and prevention of sexual repair three aspects.Daily maintenance can prevent or delay the engineering mechanical degradation, regularly or not regularly inspection on construction machinery, monitoring and diagnosis, timely find the fault symptom, avoid to cause sudden shutdown losses.

2, after the maintenance.Engineering machinery in use failure to repair as has happened After the repair.When the production loss is small, only need to adjust or replace parts can troubleshoot, generally USES the maintenance mode is economic.

3, improve maintenance.This way is according to the result of fault record and condition monitoring, at the same time of repairing complex fault or the local structure to improve the performance of engineering machinery, aims to overcome the deficiency of engineering machinery, improve equipment performance, reduce the fault, but it can't compensate engineering machinery of invisible wear and tear.

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