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Concrete mixer truck industry development trend in the future

In recent years, Concrete Mixing Truck industry development situation is getting better and better, the mainstream of future concrete mixer truck market will be mainly concentrated in the urban construction, management, services, and highway transportation two plates, the development of concrete mixer truck will mainly presents the following trends:

(1) the product variety trend.Look from the demand, the countries such as Germany, Japan, the UK is completely according to the market and the needs of the users for production.It is because of concrete mixer truck comprehensive and professional services, to form the concrete mixer truck the characteristics of many varieties.Because of the characteristic of the industry, the demand for specific varieties are also different.Concrete mixer truck market can appear many hot spots occurring together at the same time, thus forming the diversity of the market, for the production enterprises to provide broad space for development.

(2) high-power, multiple spindle.From the statistical data in recent years, heavy truck sales in 2002 to 240000 vehicles, engine power mostly under 205 kw (280 HP), and to the rapid growth in 2007 to 480000, most of engine power in the 205 ~ 257 kw (280-350 HP), heavy card especially heavy card fully demonstrated the development trend of special automobile chassis ChongXingHua, the development trend of high power.Improvement in road conditions and traffic transportation industry high speed development of highway transportation, container created favorable conditions, at the same time, for large tonnage, high power, multi-axis special vehicles widely used has provided a broad space.

(3) the light.The adoption of new materials and new technology to reduce weight, improve transport efficiency, promote and facilitate the technological upgrading of our country concrete mixer truck, shorten the gap with foreign products, no doubt is of great significance.Europe and the concrete mixer truck enterprise of aluminum alloy and stainless steel tanks, load application has more than 20 years of history, Japanese companies have also been in concrete mixer truck part with a large number of application of lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy, and the application of lightweight materials in concrete mixer truck industry in China has just started.This means that our country's concrete mixer truck products will move in that direction, but the development of lightweight speed will be different because of the different national conditions.

(4) the trend of humanization, safety, energy conservation and environmental protection.Concrete mixer truck chassis design is more and more human, it is fully considering the comfort, provide better working environment for the pilot;2 it is to allow performance parameters of the personalized Settings.With the progress of the society, the improvement of technology, the safety of the vehicle design more and more get people's attention, to ensure the safety of the drivers become designers to consider problems, in addition to the basic safety measures such as parking, vehicle braking, through the monitoring and control system equipped with complete function, rollover prevention system, and the 3 sets of independent electrical, hydraulic, mechanical brake system, greatly improve the vehicle's safety and reliability.At the same time, the development of electronic technology and application, make the vehicle safety study to intelligent direction.

(5) joint venture cooperation, asset restructuring trends.From the international market situation, developed countries because of the restriction of the labor price and the status of the economic downturn, the manufacturing are overseas in recent years, to offer some special vehicles to enter the international market in China opportunity.On the one hand, the domestic special vehicles by its price advantage in southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and central Asia, increasing market share, for the domestic special vehicles to enter the international market have laid a good foundation;Abroad, on the other hand, concrete mixer truck enterprises to seek new economic growth point, will actively explore overseas markets, occupy the absolute advantage in high-end products, through the joint venture cooperation, will be to promote the development of high value-added products in our country play a positive role.

(6) industrial concentration trend of regionalization.The state encourages the combination advantage enterprises, formed the scale of the strong comprehensive competitiveness enterprise development policy, this policy will promote the advantage resource reconfiguration, industry competitive structure of products, enterprises will further integrate industry of specialized automobile production industry concentration.

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