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Sensors in the concrete equipment


Due to the sensor directly determines the good use of the Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer, therefore each sensor installation on the concrete mixer, it can be used to better control the production of concrete mixer.But with the development of technology, new type of sensors have been used by more concrete mixer equipment, so new sensors have what advantage?

New type concrete mixer sensor probe has been redesigned from the ground up, digital signal processing, allowing direct connection to the water/humidity controller.Previously, the sensor before the need for special software to filter and smooth signal can be used to accurately measure the moisture.

But now the development of technology makes the special software has been added to the sensor of the electronic and digital interface has joined, give you choose the moisture of digital or analog signal.In addition, a special "terminal emulator" menu, such as super terminal emulator software, we provide reading moisture value, set up and calibrated sensor if you don't already have.

So for the new type of concrete mixer sensor, has the good performance in use process, because of the new type concrete mixer equipment can be a good help when using concrete mixer to master the degree of moisture of raw material, so it can better ensure the quality of the production of concrete mixer is qualified.

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