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The main characteristic of construction lifter

Construction lifter is usually called the construction elevator, manned cargo construction machinery is a frequently used in construction, because of its unique enclosure structure make it take up is comfortable and safe.The main characteristic of double cage construction elevator are:

1. The equipment attachment system has many changes, the system can make the machine is used in the complex construction projects.

2. On the basis of the traditional construction lifter device equipped with steel and concrete delivery device, it can ship steel, concrete and other items, can greatly improve the efficiency of construction;

3. The equipment can choose performance advanced stepless frequency conversion speed regulation system, realize the stepless speed regulation, no impact on the equipment run more smoothly.

4. With advanced driving system, not only can reduce the noise, and can make clearance increases, driving more smoothly.

High safety coefficient of the equipment, protective device to ensure the safety of construction personnel.

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