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What are the configuration of commercial concrete station

Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant is a large production equipment production base, specialized supply concrete so to understand the characteristics of commercial concrete mixing plant, it is necessary to know what are the configuration of the concrete mixing station.

General merchandise concrete mixing plant is regardless of size, if use in rural, urban, we can choose HZS25/35/50 three types;If it is three lines, four cities use, can choose HZS60/75/90 three types;If it is a second-tier cities on the line, we can choose more models, such as HZS120, 180, 240 models.

Commercial concrete mixing plant mixing equipment is selected for dual-axial JS series concrete mixer.It is part of the material storage equipment, mixing equipment, dispensing equipment, control equipment, material handling equipment and transportation equipment.Control device is a computer operating system, but also includes water weighing, cement measuring;Material storage equipment is bulk cement warehouse, can buy the appropriate number according to user requirements, main 50 t, 80 t, 100 t, 200t, 300t;Conveying equipment for the screw conveyor, belt conveyor;Concrete mixing truck is the main product transportation equipment.

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