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The many applications of stabilized soil mixing plant

Our Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant has excellent performance, advanced technology, reasonable structure, reliable operation, easy to use, easy maintenance, high productivity, accuracy ratio, mixing evenly, is the ideal base material mixing equipment construction units.

Stabilized soil mixing plant of the whole machine belongs to combination of detachable type, mixing type for double shaft compulsory continuous.Stabilized soil mixing plant mixing gravel stabilized soil, lime soil stabilization is adapted to the highway, highway grade 1, grade 11 highway, urban road, airport, stadium, etc material construction at the grassroots level to be able to use quick lime and hydrated lime (10-15% moisture content), soil, sand, fly ash, cement and other raw materials, production of lime soil stable makings, cement stabilized gravel, can be pressed concrete base material.

Changli machinery produces a complete set of stabilized soil mixing plant adopts industrial computer control system, has the strong adaptability for the materials, grading variety, high reliability, simple operation, compact structure, rational layout, ease of installation, commissioning, maintenance, etc.Applies to any highways, airports and other subbase construction.

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