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Dry mortar instead of on-site mixing mortar is a trend

Dry mortar used in architectural decoration industry, is one of the emerging of dry mixing material. The European market is the most mature regions in the development of dry mortar, and Dry Mortar Production Line is occupied more than 80% of the mortar equipment. Although dry mortar quite mature in the international market development, but in our country still belongs to the new type of architectural coatings.

As a new building materials, because of its applicability of environmental protection, the pace of development is also very fierce in China. In 2013, the use of dry mortar has been more than forty million tons. Dry mortar according to some authoritative website statistics, there are two thousand hundred million of the scale of production in the future. Now the scale of production can only meet 6% of the market.

From the concept of green, or customer interests, dry mortar is instead of the on-site mixing mortar market development inevitable trend.

At present, countries are paying attention to economic development at the same time, also put forward higher requirements for environmental protection. And dry mortar future market, also revealed a relatively clear trend in China. According to our country's construction with sand percentage of growth, the demand of building mortar every year around five hundred million tons. According to relevant experts predict that the next few years is gold in the development of China's dry mortar industry stage. So, the demand of dry mortar equipment there will be a rising stage, in the next five years, the average annual growth will reach about half. After so much dry mortar has market prospects for development, so what's the obvious advantages it?

Dry mortar has such a big market, with its environmental characteristics are inseparable. Because the mortar premixed material belongs to the factory, just add water gently at the scene, don't have to worry about job mix mortar dust too much phenomenon. In addition, the quality and the operation can be sexual, is also the charm of dry mortar. Based on the environmental protection, high quality, performance and reliable operation of building materials, fully meet the needs of the development of bulk cement in China. It is also a dry mortar can accomplish mortar key factors of the market.

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