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Describes the use of construction elevator

Construction lifter and building construction elevator, can also be a outdoor elevator, the construction site hoisting cage.Manned cargo is frequently used in building construction machinery, mainly used in high-rise building inside and outside to decorate, Bridges, chimneys and other building construction.Construction lifter because of its unique enclosure structure make construction personnel to take up both comfortable and safe.Construction lifter is usually used with tower crane on the site.The general construction lifter load in 1-10 tons, running speed is 1 to 60 m/min.

Many different kinds of construction lifter, according to the operation points are: corrosive weight and a heavy for two;According to the control mode is divided into manual control and automatic control.Construction lifter is according to the actual needs, you can also add frequency conversion device and PLC control modules, you also can add floor call device and leveling device.

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