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Why Volumetric Mixers?

Compared to traditional drum mixing, volumetric mixing is more cost- and time-effective. The simplicity, versatility, and return on investment simply can't be beat. With volumetric mixing, you have less maintenance to worry about thanks to fewer moving parts, unbeatable value, and superior standard features.

Other reasons to choose volumetric mixers over traditional drum mixers:

Store, proportion, mix, and dispense concrete with a single mixer.

Variety of sizes and options available to fit your unique business needs.

Changing mix designs is quick and efficient.

concrete mixer

Separate materials storage ensures you get a fresh mix on each delivery.

Go from one job to the next without having to return to a plant to change mix designs.

Overages and shortages are eliminated because you produce the exact amount of product the customer needs every time.

Fresh concrete is always available, eliminating “hot” loads.

Consistently produce the exact mix design, each and every time.

Accelerated clean out and elimination of waste means our mixers are more environmentally friendly than traditional drum mixers.

Concrete can be conveniently mixed during off hours, giving you scheduling control.

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