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How to determine compulsory mixer's mixing capacity

In general compulsory concrete mixer shorter mixing time is stirring power forward the mixing time stirring RPC four with minute of abnormal compulsory mixer and needle stirring piece stirred, stirring speed of 9 seconds, the effect of test The flash of energy consumption with stirring time extension whereabouts. Curves indicate longer stirring concrete activities to improve traits. Followed by compulsory mixer stirring time to to extend trainees can improve the situation in equilibrium.

Concrete mixing station followed by stirring an extension of time to improve the situation of the fresh concrete usefulness concrete activities extend to move forward with the mixing time, followed by stirring time each extension the activities function improvement decreases, and therefore function stabilized. Superplasticizers into mixed guessed had a significant effect on the activity of concrete, tests conducted indicated: participation in the concrete superplasticizer is very important to separate alterations superplasticizer participation time causes fresh UHPC concrete function the huge difference. Beginning, will exceed the total amount of plasticizer is about two-thirds directly involved in the mixing water, appropriate to postpone the remaining part of participation in the mixer. To participate for the first time and the time interval between the second time in the longer, more concrete actively shrillest.

compulsory concrete mixer

The compulsory mixer fresh concrete function affected by the stirring speed, stirring time during the same test with a higher forced mixer stirring speed stirring UHPC higher degree of its loose proof can be obtained by fresh concrete function. Followed by stirring intensity forward activity function is improved to the degree of certainty, and then it was not detected to a further improvement. Therefore, when compulsory mixer blender blades task at higher speeds, reducing certainly stirring time is possible.

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